Mac small business share nearly triples over the summer



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    Originally Posted by aaarrrgggh View Post

    After almost losing all our company records when our original Terastation failed after 366 days, I hope Apple doesn't try and emulate that type of hardware. Heck, that even had RAID5!

    What I would love to see is a hot standby integration where two Mini's with 1TB drives can each have two gigabit LAN connections (LAN and Sync/heartbeat). Make it easy to sync and recover (Maybe a third Time Machine Mini?), and you have a fantastic solution.

    This is why zfs would be nice for OS X.
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    Originally Posted by Haggar View Post

    What chance is there of people "getting to know & love OSX" if they spend their time running Windows on Macs? If they spend their time running Boot Camp, Parallels or VMWare full screen all day, what incentive is there for these people to even touch Mac OS?

    They just need to try it once - that's usually enough. At least that's what I'm getting in from the consumer space. I'd happily run my work PC as a virtual image on my own MacBook.

    Originally Posted by Haggar View Post

    And what reason is there for IT departments or application developers to provide better support for Mac OS?

    You're right, there isn't they will never get it. Again today my IT guys lost an email critical in a trail for a deal I was putting together, yet if I delete a photo or a mail from my library at home a few weeks later I can zip back on time and grab it again - they can't even get the basics right. Corporate IT - R.I.P.!!

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