Joost for iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
Joost (Free, App Store), a Flash-based video service and social network, released an iPhone app which lets you watch their entire selection of videos on the iPhone/iPod Touch itself.

Joost offers 46,000 videos (including 400 TV Shows and 1,200 movies and short films, apparently), and while that may not sound like a lot when you consider YouTube serves one million videos a day, Joost is different from YouTube in the sense that it focuses on serving premium content rather than possessing YouTube's unique ability to offer 10,000 videos of people feeding their salamanders (and so on).

However, the Joost app for the iPhone only allows you to watch videos over a WiFi connection, meaning that YouTube is still the go-to app for a quick video on the bus. Combining this with the fact that Joost has fallen off the radar in recent times, and the overwhelming dominance of YouTube, is it too little, too late from Joost?

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