GottaGo 3.0 getting fake iPhone MMS support

in iPhone edited January 2014
MMS on the iPhone is currently a fantasy; a frequently annoying reality when explaining to somebody for the fifth time why your phone that can be used as a tiny recording studio cannot receive photographs from other phones . Apple's curious decision to omit MMS has been put further into question with recent events with Scandinavian network provider Telia Soneria, who have been working on an iPhone app especially for this.

For those of you who don't live up in the frigid fjords of northern Europe, you will soon have the option to at least pretend you can receive MMS messages with GottaGo 3.0

GottaGo ($0.99, App Store), which we have previously covered, is the ultimate fakeout app. Initially designed as a solution for creating an excuse to escape any awkward situation, GottaGo allows you to schedule fake phonecalls, with the level of customisation going all the way down to who's calling and what ringtone the faux-call should have.

GottaGo 3.0, which is currently being reviewed by Apple, will allow you to further deceive the world around you by allowing you to receive MMS messages, with the developer sharing an image and YouTube video of what he thinks MMS on the iPhone should look like.

The video shows GottaGo 3.0 even going so far as to create a fake MMS reply pane. Is the developer of GottaGo onto something, or is this beginning to get a bit? creepy?
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