Amazon comes to the iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
Adding an interesting twist to the tale of Mazo, a third party Amazon client for the iPhone that was given the thumbs down by Amazon last week, the online retailer has released its own app which made its way to the App Store earlier today.

"Amazon" (free, App Store) offers an easy way for users to search and browse for products offered by Amazon and thousands of retailers like Target and Macy's, access Amazon's popular shopping features such as Customer Reviews, and purchase using 1-Click Shopping and Amazon Prime.

The client also gives access to existing carts, wishlists, order history, payment and shipping options and more. Amazon says the app is perfect for "Buying the sequel to a favorite book while waiting for an appointment" or "Seeing if Amazon Remembers can find a pair of shoes for sale like the one the person sitting next to you is wearing". This is pushing the envelope, evidently.

As mentioned before, the real story here is about Mazo, a free app that was set to do exactly the same thing - and perhaps with a bit more oomph than Amazon's offering. Using Amazon's mobile API requires written consent from Amazon, and the developers of Mazo, Empty Factory, didn't get that consent. Now we know why.


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    It's a start I guess. My friend has a G1 and he can scan the barcode and it instantly comes up with results. It took Amazon about 5 minutes to give me a result on the pic of the Dell Keyboard I took. I'm still waiting the result on the Nortel phone that I'm using.
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    Where are all the FOSS zealots screamin' at Amazon for blocking a FOSS application from being on the iPhone?
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