More big names downsizing, pulling out of Macworld Expo



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    I agree. The trade shows are pretty pointless these days, any kind of trade show. Now with the internet and streaming video, Apple could save a bundle and do the keynote on their own campus. They broadcast it over the internet and make it available for download on iTunes for anyone to watch in the comfort of their own home. Why waste money for the ticket and travel when you can get all the details over the internet, and then visit a company's website for more info? Now with Apple Stores pretty much everywhere, you can go see the product in person without having to pay for a trade show.

    There are thousands of products - the Apple Store usually only carries a small handful. Plus what about all the software packages? Especially iPhone software. Its nice to be able to go to the vendor's kiosk (#1438) or booth and try it out.
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    Originally Posted by wilco View Post

    You and your Cracker buddies down in Carolina have all the answers!

    OMG, how dare we have an opinion that is different than yours. The original 13 and all the rest east of LA bow our heads in reverence to your most splendid minds.
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    Originally Posted by teckstud View Post

    MacWorlds have sucked anyway ever since they left NYC. Who wants to go to SF with all their bag people anyway? Beautiful geographically- but really.

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