Dropship brings arcade shooting to the iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
Today's story of the day has to go to Dropship ($1.99, App Store) from ngmoco, the game publisher behind Mazefinger, Topple, Dr. Awesome, and the soon to be released Rolando.

The main thing you have to remember about ngmoco's games is that they're rather well developed, and they seem to put a lot more effort in than anybody else on making premium style games for the app store. Dropship is no exception.

Dropship is a quasi 2D game that puts you in control of a dropship that you fly around, rescue humans with, and sometimes recover green things that look vaguely like beds (Touch Arcade says they're 'pods', whatever), navigating around mazelike wireframe levels shooting bad guys.

Shooting and flying around is made easy with the game's excellent controls, which have Geometry Wars' left-movement and right-shooting workings to them, controlled with your thumbs. There's also a nice bit of visual feedback on the controls with futuristic dials popping up wherever you place your thumbs, adding to a set of controls that just work really very well.

On top of that, there's the aforementioned production qualities, which feature cool wireframe meshes being occupied by pixel like inhabitants shooting glowing voxels about the place. It looks good in screenshots, it looks even better in motion - combined with the initially-bizarre 3D tilting effect that movement induces, it's a visual frenzy. The sound production is good fun too, featuring computerised female voices cooing "welcome back, commander".

There's also the little things, like the achievements, or how the game takes names from your address book to name its own humans for your rescuing, or even better, the ability to download new levels.

It's just all very well done, and you get the real feeling that you're playing a proper game for the iPhone.

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