Pano for iPhone stitches photos to form panoramas

in iPhone edited January 2014
Today I tried out Pano ($2.99, App Store, an app which allows you to take a series of photographs and stitches them together for you to form a panoramic photo.

The process of creating a panorama with Pano is blisteringly simple, eschewing a menu and instead sticking you right into the camera mode, with simple instructions lining the top of the screen. You then take photos from left to right, forming your panorama, with a handy seam on the left to give you a visual reference on how to line up the photos.

It's possible to create both vertical and horizontal panoramas, with a resolution of 3600x600. Let's say this now: the iPhone's camera is nice, but you're not going to be making prints with it any time soon, and making photos that have that visual sparkle is hard. Pano makes really really nice panoramas, again and again. It's a photography experience that would be hard to find anywhere else than with this app.

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