Intel ups stake in Imagination following Apple's buy-in



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    (( Intel increased its own stake in the British graphics chip design firm Imagination Technologies )).

    That is enough proof for me - Apple is viewed as a threat to INTEL and the only way to be kept abreast of any future chip related innovations that come from Imagination Technologies that Apple can use is to become a larger shareholder. What this also points out is that INTEL does not think that Apple will stick around as a corporate customer in 3 to 5 years with Apple's continued foray into chips and chipset adventures. Stay tuned.
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    And they said you couldn't buy an imagination. Apple and Intel did.
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by alejmrm View Post

    By the way, I looked at their jobs openings and they have the following positions:

    POWERVR Software:

    OpenCL Compiler Senior Design Engineer (JM72) - United Kingdom

    OpenCL Driver Design Engineer (JM73) - United Kingdom

    OpenCL Compiler Design Engineer (JM74) - United Kingdom

    So they are also working to have this openCL working in embedded systems like phones, etc. I think Apple brought some stocks from them to ensure they have openCL ready when Snow Leopard goes out and in that way the use just one base OS (or at least the kernel) for Macs, iPods, iPhones, and iNetbooks???.

    Nice find! Welcome to the forums.
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    Hmmmm, I going to guess being welcomed to the forums six months after his one and only post is a case of too little too late, but who knows? Maybe he's been waiting all this time and will now spring into action.
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