Something unexpected at MacWorld.



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    If you go back and ready those Tweets you get a feeling he was meaning Macworld. That much was obvious, at least it seemed to feel that way to everyone, but you. But I also get your point. It would seem a little amateurish the way Ihnatko didn't even mention that it might not make an appearance on the stage, he very likely would have been told though. I don't know, I guess I'm just pissed off that he dropped a very vague suggestive "rumor" the night before the friggin' keynote. He should have just keep it shut.

    I agree, especially since he apparently will not tell more until after it is announced. If we believe him, the most we know is there is something cool coming which has not hit the rumor mill yet. Basically its nothing more than a "I know something you don't" taunt. Now I'm getting pissed off, too. In his defense, I guess he might have just been excited and suffered premature tweetulation.
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