An App for your Consideration

in iPhone edited January 2014
Are you one of those people who has trouble making up your mind? Do you often find yourself in tricky situations where there is no clear path to take? Has your ability to reason ceased to function? Well, why not let your iPhone/iPod Touch do it for you, with the latest in bizarre/slightly depressing apps, Consider! ($2.99, App Store)

Consider is an app that recreates the misguided notion that you can make decisions using lists of pros and cons, by allowing you to make rated lists of advantages and disadvantages. As you can see in the screenshot above, a hypothetical user is deciding upon a hypothetical pizza, noting that while pizza is delicious, it also has the potential drawback of making you a fatty.

Each advantage and disadvantage can be quantified (subjectively, of course - that's up to you) by using the good old star rating system, and once you're done, a handy little meter can tell you whether your ideas are any good or not. There's also the added bonus of being able to save your decisions in a list, compiling a complete history of failures on your part to function as a human being.

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