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  • Reply 81 of 82 is a great start. It doesn't try to be too much. It's a great tool for collaboration, sharing and commenting on basic documents. But even at it?s simplest, which I?m in agreement that, for now, it doesn?t need to be a full bloated online app, it is flawed.

    When comments are added to the online document, iWork, in my experience, doesn?t auto-notify the ?contributors? nor ?commenters?. This requires the user to manually notify the other commenters with additional comments. Even worse, there?s nothing in the online app that allows a simple ?Notify Of Your Comments?, so to speak, option. So you?re relegated to manually opening your email or the original iWork document to send a new update.

    Unless, I?m missing something.

    Plus, I found myself going through my history and not sure how it happened, but I launched a URL and started adding comments. Though this time my comments were attributed to one of the other collaborators who I sent the document for review. That means that with that URL a commenter can comment under someone else?s name. There needs to be some level or security or simply verification that the commenter is indeed authorized and so that comments can be attributed correctly.
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    Collaboration should include one's own WebDAV servers to allow for group collaboration.

    They should sell vertical add-ons that are tied only to .Mac/MobileMe which actually require an OS X Server Infrastructure to do so and that the cost of doing it is less than the cost of buying OS X Server unlimited, Distributed Serving add-ons and more.

    In other words, make use of the open standard and then when it comes to a completely seemless, multiple-peer-to-multiple-peer system come out with the option of buying that mid-size to enterprise solution for your own corporation or a corporate license to use that service inside Apple deployed solutions of the same product, for a monthly fee.

    It would be a smart way to get Apple Enterprise into the Enterprise markets by offering that hardware/software combo and end-to-end solution for Enterprise customer communication/collaboration needs.
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