Speak like a champ, reap the rewards, articulate yourself

in iPhone edited January 2014
Most people's use of language is drab, repetitive and largely punctuated by many interjections of "uhhh", "like" and "innit". How about adding a little flourish to your elocution?

Barring looking through a dictionary every night for hot and exciting words, it's sometimes hard to fit in a little new vocabulary into your daily lifestyle. So now you can use Articulate! Vocab Expander (ironically, a terrible name, Free, App Store).

This app aims to make learning new words a challenge that pits you against other players around the English speaking world. It works by giving you a word, and asking you to find a synonym for that word amongst four other words, with a 20 second time limit. The better you do, the more points you get. The more points you get, the more street cred you get in high society when you start telling people how disingenuous they are.

The thing about this app is that the words aren't that advanced, so if you're familiar with English already, this might disappoint you or even make you a little depressed at the state of language today.

Either way, if you want to flex your tongue a bit, give this one a go.
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