Monster Typer: gaming to improve iPhone typing skills

in iPhone edited January 2014
We've covered some apps that could help you with your iPhone typing before, but if you find that graphs and words-per-minute don't do it for you, Monster Typer (Free, App Store) may be the thing for you. Instead of training you in a more traditional fashion, Monster Typer tries to slick up the experience by introducing a little gameplay.

The game itself has you attacked by waves of attractively rendered goons and monsters, each one bearing a word on it. If you then type those words using the game's particularly glossy keyboard, the monster labelled with it will become a thing of the past. As you type and destroy, racking up your score, the pace becomes more frenetic, and you begin to appreciate the touchscreen keyboard as being quite good for what it is.

As previously mentioned, the game sports a good look that has a similar visual signature to the PSP's Patapon (no big deal - it's a free typing game, after all), and has good, healthy design overall. The game also has a scoreboard so you can show your friends how good you've become at typing. Nice.

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