Colloquy IRC client now available for iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
Last week saw the release of OS X's most popular IRC client, Colloquy ($1.99, App Store), for the iPhone. IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a popular and decidedly old-school way to keep in touch with your online buds - though a truly polished Mac interface didn't arise until Colloquy hit the scene.

The experience seems the same in this portable version of the app, with slick menus and informative icons abound. It's a fully featured IRC client, with support for colors, formatting, emoticons, automatic identification, text encodings, and a whole slew of other features that are neatly interpreted into Colloquy's interface.

Colloquy also brings its own unique features to the iPhone with auto-completion for emoticons, nicknames and IRC commands, support for highlighting (and vibrating) when user-configurable keywords are triggered, a built-in browser, and landscape mode throughout the entire app.

It's obvious that the developers behind this put a lot of thought into what makes the best user experience in an app - and this has translated well into the world of iPhone. Colloquy is also freely available for OS X via its website.

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