Four new "ToyCameras" take iPhone photos back in time

in iPhone edited January 2014
Developer Takayuki Fukatsu has been hard at work on a series of apps that take iPhone photos and add a stylish twist through subtle visual effects and features that are evocative of the Lomo cameras of old. Lomo's motto of "don't think, just shoot" is certainly prevalent here as these "ToyCameras" will spruce up almost any photo.

The first of these apps is the eponymous ToyCamera ($1.99, App Store), which applies random effects to photos that you take ( the full list: 800x600 or 600x600 resolution, Vintage Green effect, Vintage Warm effect, Vintage Yellow effect, Low Saturation, High Saturation, Toning Sepia, Black & White, and HiCon Black&White). Certain combinations can produce artsy images that the iPhone's normal camera app cannot.

The second and third apps are similarly themed cameras - OldCamera ($0.99, App Store is similar to ToyCamera in that it will also apply random effects to your photos, but this time the effects are all geared towards giving your photos an aged black and white feel. For those who need to push their photos further back in time, SepiaCamera ($0.99, < a href="">App Store applies that old golden hue to modern photos.

Possibly the best of all these cameras however, is QuadCamera ($1.99, App Store, which emulates a certain kind of Lomo camera that had four lenses. As the iPhone does not have four lenses, it achieves a similar effect by compiling four photos at adjustable time intervals, which creates photos that are great for capturing action. You can set the QuadCamera to take 4 or 8 photos in succession. It also applies some of the same visual effects as ToyCamera, adding that slightly off-kilter look.

If you're looking for a camera app that might make your photos a little less flat - try these out.

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