Super Monkey Ball gets a free Lite version

in iPhone edited January 2014
Super Monkey Ball ($7.99, App Store, which was one of the first "big" games for the iPhone upon the launch of the App Store, now has free variant title Super Monkey Ball Lite (free, App Store).

For those not yet accustomed to Super Monkey Ball, the game revolves around using the tilt sensor of the iPhone to guide an orb-encased monkey around mazes to collect bananas and eventually reach an exit. The game was originally released as an arcade cabinet, to later be released on the Gamecube and every other console under the sun, including the ill-fated Nokia N-Gage.

This free version of the game features three levels from the full game along with a tutorial. The fully featured version of the game has 110 levels, and has recently gone through a number of patches to address control sensitivity issues.

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