Once-denied Podcaster app launches as RSS Player

in iPhone edited January 2014
Recently, there was a conflict between Apple and Almerica's Podcaster, an app which would enable users to download extra podcasts while they were away without having to sync their iPhones to iTunes. The app creator was denied admission to the App Store on the basis of "duplicating functionality" found in the desktop version of iTunes, and an uproar soon followed that ultimately led to the developer using Apple's ad hoc distribution method for developers to get software to paying customers.

Fortunately, that is no longer necessary as a reworked Podcaster has been accepted into the App Store under the name of RSS Player ($1.99, App Store) with updates having already been submitted since its appearance earlier this week.

Like many podcast subscription utilities, RSS Player reads the media attachments embedded in RSS feeds and allows you to either download those attachments or stream them, handily storing the playhead position if you are interrupted.

Unfortunately, there's no way to discover media-laden RSS feeds inside the app right now, forcing user to enter URLs themselves, but apart from that the app is professionally made and is good at providing features that still aren't replicated in later iPhone updates.

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