outside.in Radar released for iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
Outside.in, a website that crunches down information to provide 'hyperlocal' information concerning your area, has released an app named outside.in Radar ($2.99, App Store). Outside.in's information allows you to do simple things that we've seen before - like finding a nearby restaurant, but it can also go much further - like the latest local chatter on how the restaurant in question is run by the neighbourhood mafia.

The iPhone app finds your location, and then collects things like news articles, tweets, blog posts, and forum threads related to places within 1,000 ft. It's not entirely clear where most of this information is being collected from - the site seems to rely on both user submitted stories and automated aggregation, and even then it's not clear which sites they are collecting from.

The aim of the app is to begin expanding beyond normal geo-services by collecting more information about an area than just the places nearby, instead asking for 'the grain and the serendipity of human conversations and gossip'.

Outside.in, and thus the Radar app, is exclusive to the United States for the time being (although the developers say that international support is being planned).
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