myHomework keeps track of your assignments

in iPhone edited January 2014
Developer Rodrigo Neri has released myHomework (Free, App Store), an app design to help organise and schedule homework completion.

myHomework allows you to store the schedules for classes within the app, not only so that you can look up what days they are on, but also so that you can assign particular pieces of homework to stored lessons, and so that the app can alert you to when homework is due. The status of homework is sorted by colour on the first page of the app, depending on whether it is due the next day, late, or otherwise. myHomework is also able to sort different types of homework - something that needs to be read may be less urgent than a full scale project, for example.

On top of this, myHomework has a cutesy appearance that resembles a lined notebooks, with coloured post-its hanging from the edges and all the trimmings. The app also has a nice feature in being able to badge the icon with the number of days left until a piece of homework is due - meaning that leaving homework with this app in your library would take some serious work evasion.
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