Google software for tracking mobile users coming to iPhone



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    Hey i was only responding to the debate. I'm cool about it all. You don't have to take my word for it see for yourself: look under "Contributory factors to road accidents"

    Ok back to the debate.

    Contributory factors listed on Page 3 of the PDF include:

    Excessive Speed . . . 28 percent for fatal accidents . . . 12 percent overall.

    That's more than two percent.

    In addition, other contributory factors include or are exacerbated by improper

    speed. (Slippery road, weather, etc.) The 28% and 12% mentioned above are

    figures for when it is determined that "excessive speed" was the best way to

    describe the cause of the accident.

    My favorite cause is "Animal Out of Control". Does that mean behind the wheel?
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