ABContacts brings more powerful contact management

in iPhone edited January 2014
If you feel that the iPhone's current contacts manager is a touch too anaemic for your tastes, then perhaps ABContacts ($4.99, App Store and its Lite variant (Free, App Store) may be of some interest.

Like the Address Book app on OS X, ABContact is able to manage contact groups, which can also be created with 'Smart' rules that can be used in combination to create powerfully clever groups of your choosing. These groups can be used for sending mass emails or sharing your own contact information, and can be synced back to Address book or simply kept within the app itself.

ABContacts also has a number of features that seem focused on speed, like the ability to narrow down contacts with a search field, or a quick menu that slides out from the right, letting you to quickly send an SMS or place a call. The app has its own keypad as well which has a built in smart dialer, for those who cannot go without smart dialling, as well as a favourites screen that can use either names or images.

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