Tags for iPhone speeds finding Delicious bookmarks

in iPhone edited January 2014
Tags ($2.99, App Store) is a new app aimed at allowing you to browse links from the social link sharing service Delicious.com.

Reduced to its basics, Delicious.com is a site where you can keep a collection of links that you like and share them with your friends. Like so many other Web 2.0 services, Delicious makes a big deal out of using tags, which are used to label different links under different categories -- and supposedly quite a powerful way to manage content.

With Tags, you can keep an eye on your Delicious network, access your inbox, and tag and sync your own links from within the app. The core feature of Tags is the ability to navigate links through an animated "tag cloud", which can only be described as a big group of words crammed together with similar or related tags in close proximity to each other.

For instance, you could choose the tags "Apple," "Rumors," and "iPhone" to be led to users' bookmarks on stories regarding the next-generation iPhone. It's visually fun, and it's quite a fast way to find content. iPhone-equipped Delicious users may need to give this one a look.

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