Typing Genius first unofficial iPhone 2.2.1 app with emoji

in iPhone edited January 2014
You may remember our review of Typing Genius ($0.99, App Store), an app designed to help you learn how to use the iPhone's keyboard more quickly and efficiently. In a bid to jump on the recent craze for using Japanese emoji characters on non-Japanese iPhones, Typing Genius has been updated to be the first (supposedly) app for to enable emoji for iPhone firmware 2.2.1.

Emoji are essentially a wide selection of emoticons used by Japanese to convey feelings and words more quickly than the local language would allow, but which weren't available until iPhone firmware 2.2. Ever since, app developers have been finding ways to enable emoji for non-Japanese iPhones.

The icons include the normal fare of smiling faces and hearts, all the way to the more obscure icons of penguins, crowns, high heels and top hats; a picture says a thousand words. It's also nice to see that Apple has put its usual rigorous design into the hundreds of beautifully rendered icons.

Typing Genius boasts that it can enable emoji icons instantly, unlike other emoji enablers, and says that it is cheaper than most alternatives while training owners on typing in the process.


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