Is Steve Jobs right about reading?



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    My guess is that Steve Jobs is handed 'executive summaries' to peruse and does little or no real reading. IF he spent any time reading on Safari Browser he might become frustrated at its inability to specify a background color different from the default pure white. This is really lame and contributes to eyestrain. Firefox and all Netscapes before it afaicr allowed, say, a pale yellow background choice for both ease of focus (warm tones have deeper focal range which reduces eyestrain) and reduced glare which obviously reduces eyestrain. Try it, you'll like it.

    Unless I've somehow missed this capability in Safari, Panther & Tiger.


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,431member
    Originally Posted by groverat View Post

    Steve knows computers, but nothing else. Mr. "Cities will be redesigned for the Segway" should keep his prognostications to the world of simple, shiny consumer goods.

    Jobs' lucky that statement didn't become as asinine as the "well 640k should be enough for anyone"
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    right about 40% read one book or less per year... whoa, steve is brilliant
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    Well, judging from the informal poll results, he's still right. Results are still holding at just under 40%, and I wouldn't be surprised if a few people inflated their reading stats even though the poll is anonymous. If he pulled the figure out of thin air, it was a pretty darn good guess.
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    Aaah, statistics... gotta love 'em.

    Unfortunatley they are about as much use as a lamp post to a drunk.

    Used more for support than enlightenment.
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    Originally Posted by Marvin View Post

    Playboy is really more a magazine. Thing is people still read magazines even if most people don't read books and they haven't really transitioned to digital form.

    Apparently you haven't discovered the abundant free p0rn on the internet.


    Our society seems to be a disposable one and books aren't of that nature, unlike newspapers and magazines.

    Books are good. The problem I find with reading books is that I need to slow down my pace and dedicate time to reading it. That is becoming harder these days. The rat race is taking over my quality time. But reading a good book in a conducive environment can't be beat by a kindle or a laptop.
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