Koi Pond creators bring you to a Distant Shore

in iPhone edited January 2014
Koi Pond ($0.99, App Store) was a very relaxing and extremely popular app (the best selling of 2008, so they say) - and as the new year rolls around, a new relaxing app comes into focus - Distant Shore ($0.99, App Store).

In Distant Shore, you can walk along an infinite beach, discovering bottled messages along the way. The messages inside the bottles are provided by users of the app themselves, who can compose messages to send out to other users of the app using the iPhone and iPod Touch's networking capabilities.

In the game, you earn an empty bottle for every five shells you collect on the endless 3D beach, filled with cabanas, sun loungers, docks, and seagulls. This is all backdropped by the sounds you'd expect to hear by the shore, making the game a very relaxing non-game.

If you find yourself sadly removed from a real beach with obligatory messages in a bottle, this may be the next best thing.

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