Track billable hours with Harvest for iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
Time is money -- a saying that is particularly true if you work freelance, or in small teams where you charge by the hour. With all the hours, minutes, seconds and picoseconds there are on the clock, it can be hard to keep track of it all.

Harvest is a website that facilitates the tracking of time, and the creation of invoices for your clients for using said time -- pushing their philosophy that people should be focused on creating a good, sustainable business rather than spending all their time looking at clocks and creating invoices.

Harvest has had an iPhone version of their site for a while, but now has released a nativeiPhone App called Harvest Time Tracker (Free, App Store), which has the advantage of not needing an internet connection to function.

As in the regular Harvest system, this app allows you to easily enter times and view them alongside previous entries, and will transparently synchronise them to your Harvest account when you have a connection again.

The application also has other app-specific functions like the ability to trigger a manual sync when the iPhone or iPod Touch is shaken.

While not having access to a data connection isn't really a problem for iPhone users, iPod Touch fans with Harvest may find this app useful.

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