Groups: a stylish contact manger for iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
It seems like iPhone users are in need of a more powerful contacts manager, because a great number of Group management apps are starting to come out, like ABContacts which we reviewed last week. One app that caught the eye today was Groups ($1.99, App Store) from Guided Way Technologies.

Of course the first reason the app stands out is its interface, which has completely eschewed the normal list view for something a little more classy and closer to a real address book. It's a very vibrant and sophisticated, a style of interface design which is starting to pop up more and more in App releases.

Interface aside, the app accesses your contact data and from the beginning sorts into a number of smart groups - contacts without phone numbers, or contacts without images assigned to their names, for instance. This is all very good and well, but the real problem is that groups does not allow you to mix these smart rules or create smart groups of your own.

Making groups the old fashioned way - by drag and drop - is well done, though. Just holding a contact's name for a moment and dragging it onto a tab is quick and simple, and once you have made a group, you can then quickly search through it, or send a mass email to all members of that group through the iPhone's own Mail application.

Something that always seems missing from these kind of apps is mass SMS, but this is less to do with the developers and more to do with Apple, who do not yet allow this sort of functionality with the iPhone SDK.

Although this is an application specifically geared towards groups, one cannot help but feel that if the app made a few minor additions - like being able to add a new contact from within the app, or edit contacts, that an app like Groups could replace the Contacts app wholesale.

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