Making music with Melody Man on iPhone

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
People seem absolutely determined to transform the iPhone into a musical instrument, be it a guitar, harmonica, ocarina, or otherwise. Now the iPhone can take the role of a melodion with Melody Man ($2.99, App Store).

The app is used by pressing piano keys on screen whilst blowing into the microphone, making this an affair only for iPhone users or those with a microphone (2nd generation iPod Touch only, however). To help users get into the spirit of things, there is a slew of included songs and a sequencer that teaches you how to play them.

The songs are all well-known public domain classics, from Turkish March to Jingle Bells, and playing them is made pretty easy with a background piano player and the sequencer. There are also nice little details, such as being able to change octaves by tilting your head.

The app is also coated in a colourful and fun interface vaguely reminiscent of Wii Music. It's different from the usual Aqua gloss and still looks good.
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