Mozilla, Skype support EFF's case for iPhone jailbreaking



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    I haven't been a big fan of the EFF since the SFWA fiasco. This is another case where I think they are out to lunch.
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    Originally Posted by kiwi66 View Post

    Sorry but you all seem to miss the point.

    a) "I dont have to jailbreak my unix system".

    No you dont because your system administrator has the root password and you can do whatever you want with the box YOU OWN. This is not the case on the iPhone. It means apple can do whatever THEY want with the phone YOU own.

    b) pirates

    Pirating software is definitively not the same as jailbreaking. There are very good reasons why jailbreaking is useful to overcome Apple's sometimes stupid limits. Like to use the iPhone as a gateway so you can get on to the internet from your computer over the iPhone. Something totally legitimate. Apple says you are not allowed to write software to do this because AT&T doesnt want you to do it (and the SDK's limits also dont allow it). Theres a world outside AT&T and USA. Those users do want to use it.

    I bought my own iPhone 3G without contract. So I'm not bound to any operator. I can do whatever I want with the device I bought and paid money for. Luckily, the rules of USA would not stand up in court in most (if not all) european countries because once the device is sold to the buyer, the buyer has the right to do whatever he wants with it. He might violate his warranty or can't use it as a phone afterwards but that's then his problem. I know many people who have jailbreaked their phone but I have not seen a single one who did it for the purpose of running pirated software.

    Frankly, the hassle to run pirated software on the iPhone is way bigger than the few bucks you pay for the software usually. There the App Store does good things. But also its a monopoly which sets up rules which are sometimes ridiculous and prevents invention.

    As we've already expressed to you and others in several other threads: even in Europe, that only applies to the hardware.
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    Originally Posted by Harleigh Quinn View Post

    Yes, AT&T. You actually think apple had something to do with that? AT&T owns the transmission system, so instead of mocking this guy and being an apple Zealot (Hey, I own ALL apple ALL over my house, minus apple TV, and even I know they can screw up) why don't you agree to disagree or point out the real culprit in that scenario?

    As for the other issues mentioned with the phone, that ALL falls on apple, and when doing their iTunes updates, they could easily fix then and they haven't, so shame on them.

    No what I think is that it doesnt matter WHO is responsible for whatever problems your having with the device. Every device is flawed. What I dont agree with is that Apple should open up their device and let people do whatever because they dont do these things and people want it to.

    and thats your personal assumption that a cellphone automaticly has to have MMS.

    a phones only assumed dutie should be that it makes phone calls. everything else is just extra. and the iphone even with its short comings still has alot of that, extra.

    So again I can only say the same thing is if your so unhappy and in your case fear for your privacy what the hell are you doing with an iPhone
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    "Like to use the iPhone as a gateway so you can get on to the internet from your computer over the iPhone. Something totally legitimate."

    Since doing so is a breach of contract with AT&T, which does NOT support iPhone tethering on its network, doing so is NOT "totally legitimate".

    Basically you just said you want to jailbreak the phone so you can do something illegal and unsupported, just like the app stealers...
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    Originally Posted by hill60 View Post

    Will Skype let me use whatever SIP provider I want with their software?

    Is it 'closed' software?

    I think I'll stick with Fring.

    Skype is an IM SPAM cesspool. They're just looking for a bandwagon to jump on that will give them some attention & loyal followers cause they are still having trouble making skype profitable.

    As far as jailbreaks go, in the least it should remain something Apple discourages as one of the whole purposes of their closed iPhone OS is security. I'd rather keep my OS secure thank you.
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    Originally Posted by TenoBell View Post

    This really wasn't necessary because as long as Apple didn't feel threatened it has done nothing to directly stop jailbreaking. By forcing Apple's hand they will actually achieve the opposite effect of their stated goal.

    Its quite clearly stated that consumers are not allowed to break copy protection even for their own private use. It can be argued this has never been tested in the courts.

    CD's are different from DVD's because CD's didn't have copy protection and didn't have rules against copying for other uses. While movies have always had copy restriction.

    Studios have begun to experiment with offering digital copies of movies along with DVD's. That seems like a fair enough compromise to me. I don't typically buy DVD's so I haven't paid much attention to how wide spread or successful this has been.

    The thing that irks me about the copy protection on the movie files is when you try to share it with iTunes, it will only play across network on iTunes libraries authenticated with your account.

    I understand why they do this but it is poorly implemented & thought out. If I'm sharing the video with a college dorm they want those people to go & buy their own copy, but sharing a movie with a couple of friends over iTunes is no different than loaning them the physical DVD (which is perfectly legal). They could easily sort out this issue by only allowing 1 or 2 people to view the movie from your share at any given time.

    The whole design of the Apple TV & idea of having all digital content stored on a hard drive is a great one, but unfortunately one that studios have been unable to truly wrap their heads around. I'm afraid it will still be many years before they get themselves together, move past their greed & fear, & start to figure out some of these things we consumers have been telling them all along.
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