Intel sues NVIDIA to halt development of future chipsets



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    Assuming Nvidia is not violating a patent or whatever, the thing for Intel to do is drop this lawsuit and get busy designing even better chips.

    This is the problem with monopolies. Competition is the fire that drives innovation.

    If I were Intel, I'd take it as a challenge. Let their excellence drive you to better, faster, cheaper, cooler.

    Not everyone has Apple's ethos - self-driving innovation and excellence. Intel should recognize their need for competition and do everything possible to encourage it.

    They don't have a record like Apple's and would suffer if the legal system helps pave their way to mediocrity.
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    Intel should buy Nvidia. Like AMD bought ATI.
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    I would say Intel will get a call from Jobs then after he has made them cry on the phone the matter will all go away.
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    Do you think that this action could be the cause of the delay in the Mini? If the used an NVIDIA chip set, they would need to redesign if their supply is constrained ... or worse go to a less efficient chip set in a later model.
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    cnocbuicnocbui Posts: 3,613member
    Does Intel really want Apple to start having talks with AMD?
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    Multiple issues with the comments here...

    Nvidia does NOT have a problem with MCP79, this is also not a problem for a mac mini with MCP79. Nvidia allegedly claimed to be able to supply chipsets for the FUTURE Intel chips (i.e. Nehalem etc...)

    and Secondly, what does Intel care so much if Apple doesn't like it anymore, Apple recently tied itself to x86, and mostly to intel, they'll keep coming.

    Thruth is Intel needs to develop something good in terms of chipsets and not the crap they've been feeding us for the last... well forever
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    Originally Posted by marokero View Post

    Perhaps this squabble is causing the delay of the Mac Pro update?

    Possibly if Apple is conflicted on what direction it wants to go.
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    I was happy with nVidia supplying chips for laptops. The 9400 is a fabulous platform and I was hoping to see more solutions from them in the future.

    We are all going to lose from this...

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    Originally Posted by unscriptable View Post

    Yet again Intel attempts to overcome it's near-monopoly-inspired lethargy with legal threats.

    Ah, yes, Intel's near-monopoly-inspired lethargy must be why we're still using PowerPC.
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    Does Intel really want Apple to start having talks with AMD?

    This would never happen. The more likely scenario, if Apple were to drop Intel, would be to develop their own chipset and work with Nvidia on that. They already are almost certainly developing something in-house for the new iPhone, and having PA Semi now makes things much easier.


    what does Intel care so much if Apple doesn't like it anymore, Apple recently tied itself to x86, and mostly to intel, they'll keep coming.

    I may be completely out of the loop, but what are you talking about in regards to Apple being tied to x86? Snow Leopard will be a 100% 64-bit OS, and even if it weren't, x64 chips are still able to run x86 software (AMD). Again, I may be completely out of it and not know what I'm talking about, but that was my knowledge. Feel free to correct me.
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    Intel should focus it's energy on making better Processors and GPUs (if thats possible for Intel). Nobody is forcing Intel to make inferior Integrated Video Graphics Chip, Intel does it by choice. By suing Nvidia Intel is forcing us to use the shitty Intel Graphics Card, Intel don't bite the hand that feeds you.
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    Apple could never rationalize the R&D expense associated with the MPU business, Intel's core franchise. Apple is stuck with the x86 architecture (it was the right choice given the lack of support/extensibility for the PowerPC MPU/architecture) and there are two vendors of x86, one of which is incomparably stronger financially, with superior process technology and a killer "tick/tock" development cycle which is, as we are now seeing, producing new processors at a truly remarkable pace -- later this year, you will be able to purchase a box with one of a number of Nehalem 32nm (!) multicore processors that should deliver much higher performance than the 45nm Penryn devices they replace. The other vendor is financially weaker, has less ability to migrate its process technology and fabricates far fewer of its own MPUs.

    Intel has a lackluster but acceptable record of providing the chipset surrounding their MPU. The NVIDIA device is monolithic, which fact, coupled with a superior internal architecture, delivers much, much better performance, greater reliability (the flicker issues with MBP 15"s notwithstanding) and should deliver a better power dissipation profile (although I haven't looked at the comparative specs).

    Intel has an absolutely terrible, no, breathtakingly bad record of purchasing tech companies, both semiconductor device companies and subsystem companies, including but not limited to the several billion dollar aggregate acquisition consideration used to buy a variety of communications companies, most of which have been quietly shut down or significantly compromised in value in Intel's hands. Do not wish for an Intel acquisition of anything, particularly NVIDIA.

    I suspect that an important issue here is the fact that it is difficult to create a working chipset solution to accompany an Intel MPU without Intel's cooperation. If a device company waits for Intel to sample the MPUs before the heavy design work commences, then it's already too late to produce the device and have a reasonable "time in market" before Intel burps out the next MPU iterations. In addition, because no box can be built without the MPU AND the chipset in place, if Intel -- and no one else -- has the chipset available when the MPU is ready, then the OEM system engineers have no choice but to design in the Intel part. This enables Intel to sell demonstrably inferior semiconductor devices if the functionality of those devices is essential to creating a complete system. In other words, if you have the best MPU, then you can get away with having mediocre devices wherever their function is required to have a complete system.

    I don't know what discussions have occurred over these many months between Intel and INVIDIA. I for one wish these companies would cooperate to provide the same advantages, from the user's perspective, with respect to Apple's Nehalem boxes that we are now seeing with Penryn/Core.
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    Originally Posted by saarek View Post

    It's a shame that Intel does not invest in better chipsets with high performance feautres, they wouldn't have to worry about nVidia then.

    It is such a shame Intel can't even make a GPU that doesn't suck majorly, they wouldn't have to worry about nVidia then. Intel is spooked, because, besides Nvidia chipsets, some of the stuff like video encoding and Folding (Stanford), do it on an Nvidia GPU and it destroys Intel's CPUs.

    The biggest irony is that Intel and Nvidia need each other for the best benefit of their profits and the consumer, IMHO. Intel makes excellent CPUs. They have great fabrication tech that Nvidia needs. Nvidia's fabrication methods and GPU design, while becoming more powerful, look at the GTX 280, for example. It's huge and long, hot, noisy, takes double-wide slots in a PC. I am not a chip engineer but I'm sure Intel has some secrets it could license to Nvidia to get Nvidia GPU's down to 45nm and further and other such advances.

    I'm too tired right now to describe Intel-Nvidia merger benefits but there you go, I'm laying it out on the table. Intel and Nvidia working closely together could pretty much wipe AMD and ATI off the map in a few years... Intel and Nvidia need to put some fighting aside and work better together.

    I bet AMD and ATI is loving this bru-ha-ha between Intel and Nvidia because AMD/ATI can give you the whole shebang - CPU, Chipset, GPU. It's just a pity the whole Phenom and Spider and Dragon and what not platforms don't quite live up to expectations.
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