No iPods, iPhones allowed in Gates household



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    Originally Posted by DiscoNomad View Post

    Exactly...maybe they should pick up an Apple products once in a while and see the difference. Apple certainly does not have any policy against using competitor products...if employees do use them it just means that the Apple products aren't good enough and need to be made better. Apple has its ear to the ground and thats why they kick ass.

    Apple stores use Windows handheld point-of-sale devices. rom the Wall Street Journal-Microsoft has begun testing a revamped version of its Internet search service, dubbed, as the software giant tries to improve its third-place position in the online search market.
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    i dont blame Bill. Microsoft all in one!
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    If you're going to give away all the money, then get the damn kinds iPhones. It's not as if they're going to work for MS, ever, and it doesn't look like they're going to get the benefit, either.
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    Why is everyone so shocked by this? If Bill Gates or anyone in his family were seen using Apple products it would be a very, very expensive PR disaster for Microsoft. Bill Gates and his wife really don't have any choice.
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    Exactly. It would be mucho embarassing, if his own kids didn't even use his products. And as long as he's paying for his kids computers, MP3 players and phones, I don't see anything wrong with that. I bet there's plenty of parents who think Apple products are too expensive and unnecessary. Should they all get their kids taken away?

    If the kids started working in a 7/11 to earn money and buy their own damn iPod, and wouldn't be allowed to, now that would be pretty mean. But I'd wager the kids don't want one that badly...

    Ballmer doesn't allow his kids to use google. That's what I call oppression...
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    It's funny reading this article and all the Bill Gates/Microsoft bashing comments after just a couple days earlier having that huge article that tears apart misquotes about the iPhone in Japan.

    Who knows what Melinda Gates said after saying iPods are banned?

    Her very next statement could have been that they don't allow the kids to use Zunes or other mp3 players either. But of course that won't be in the article since it's not as juicy a sound bite as saying they've banned Microsoft's most direct competitors. Just before the iPod-banning comment, Melinda said she doesn't want her kids living in a bubble. Maybe they feel that despite all the positive things the 24-7 connectivity that exists isn't really all that good for society in general. Haven't we all experienced times when we could barely hold a conversation with the person next to us because they were too busy checking and responding to messages on their Blackberry? I've watched my nieces and nephews hold conversations via text messages yet they were all sitting in the same room.
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    Originally Posted by ulfoaf View Post

    Right or wrong, I've know people that have worked for Anheiser Bush and for Coca-Cola, and yes, you can get fired for using competing products!

    There was a famous case in the Atlanta (home of Coca-Cola) paper, where a minor exec at Coke was drinking a Pepsi at work. I think she was asked to get rid of it, she thought it was a joke and refused, and eventually was fired.

    There are companies out there that are fanatical. These two, Microsoft, and Frito-Lay are all examples, for sure.

    Coca Cola is NOT owned by Frito-Lay, Pepsi is. At no point has Pepsi (Frito Lay) been brought up. Leave them alone

    Seriously, I have no problem with a company telling me how to do my work and what to do my work with (drinking Pepsi at my Coke job). If I really had a problem with not being able to drink my Pepsi at work, I'd put my Pepsi in a Coke bottle

    Some companies don't even let you bring your phone in because it has a microphone on it.
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    Trying to bring up your kids without those kinds of gadgets is pretty stupid - whether you like them or not, devices like iPods and iPhones are the future and here to stay. If they're banning Apple products in favour of Microsoft equivalents then that's just plain cruel.
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    mattgmattg Posts: 2member
    Jeez Bill, get over yourself...really.
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    Revealing that Melinda Gates worked on the Microsoft Bob software made me chuckle. Bringing up that disaster was probably more painful to Bill and Melinda than the rest of the article. ?Bob? was a bigger turd than Zune or Microsoft?s Ultimate TV failure. Melinda wouldn't want that failed software venture on her resume.
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