In-depth review: Kindle 2, the Apple TV of books



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    Originally Posted by umijin View Post

    C'mon AI - we don't need your reviews of the Kindle. Stick to Apple news, where your focus has some merit.

    And frankly the Kindle seems to have sold well enough in the first (and likely second) iterations, regardless of your blessing.

    But it's white and skinny- it's derivative of all things Apple!

    Just kidding, I couldn't agree with you more.
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    Woah. I've just discovered that I don't have to read every article on AI that I'm not interested in.

    I just thought I'd point out that discovery to anyone else who hasn't yet discovered they have a choice and who (apparently) felt obligated to read a review of a product they're not interested in.
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    Apple should lift a page from a page from Amazon. Store your iPod/iPhone purchased content on their servers and make it available to replenish a device with content you bought as part of the price I pay for the content. Think on how much better you would feel about your iPod/iPhone then. That is the most innovative business model advance the Kindle offers. For the life of your purchase it is backed up forever (or at least until Amazon folds) It is really simple to retrieve the content that is yours anyway. And all they really need to store is a pointer to the content.

    Apple - are you listening????
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    Kindles worst feature is its price, and the fact that the little pie of book data costs $9.99

    When I buy a book, and a friend asks me can they read it; I can pass it along to them, or lend it to anyone. This 9.99 piece of data is stuck on my Kindle forever, or at least until I delete it. In that respect 3/5 sounds just about what this device should get, never mind browsing on the thing.
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    Originally Posted by Kasper View Post

    There are many criticisms, but I don't agree that it's a flat-out negative review. And I read it several times while proofing it.

    Prince gave the first incarnation of the Apple TV the same exact rating.


    All the 'pros' are left-handed compliments, a la 'It probably won't rape you in your sleep.'

    I don't yet own a Kindle, but it's obvious to me that the author of this article will sound much like the critics who laughed off the iPod when it came out.

    The ability to instantly purchase a book is what distinguishes this product from the other ebook readers out there.

    The other feature that appeals to me is the search function. There are so many times in my life when I've wondered WHERE it was I learned a suddenly relevant fact - typically it has been from a book of some sort or another (or a magazine article). The ability to search is what would make this a great textbook delivery device as well.

    That said, $349 is a smidge high. A $199 price point would virtually assure that I would buy one.
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    Originally Posted by jenkman91 View Post

    I think Amazon Put a gun in there mouth and pulled the trigger when they released an iPhone version of the Kindle. So if I can download this app for FREE, and then just pay for my books from Amazon, whats the point of spending $200+ on a Kindle?

    The iPhone is basically a kindle. BUT, with a better internet browser, e-mail, an iPod, and a cellphone all in one... and of course no E-ink.

    I understand this is Amazons way of getting people to buy a Kindle. But, I think its too soon to put this App out on Apple's app store.

    I agree with folks who say size is in Kindle's favor. My Kindle fits in my purse, and a screen of text is about the same as a page on a book. An iPhone is too damn small for folks my age to read a whole book comfortably. Not to mention that a backlit screen is harder on the eyes than e-ink. And, if you do read that book on your iPhone, you'd better have your charger handy or forget about making a call. But if younger folks want to read books on their itty bitty iPhones, Amazon is more than willing to sell them those books. The sync feature means if they decide they want a Kindle as well as an iPhone, they can read the same book on both. The iPhone is more versatile, but if you read a lot of books, you will probably still want a Kindle or something like it.

    And the one thing this review (it is APPLE Insider) did not mention was the negative side of "following Apple's lead." Kindle 2 users can't change their own batteries like Kindle 1 owners can. This may keep the initial expense down, but it's annoying as hell (and more expensive) when the battery goes.
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    I love the Kindle 2, I got one from here:
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