Apple exploring Magic Wand controller for next-gen Apple TV



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    razorpitrazorpit Posts: 1,796member
    I can see it now, by 2011 every TV will have an array of R sensor bars above and underneath it. By 2012 TV manufacturers will take notice and incorporate them in to the bezels of all TV's

    I hope an onscreen keyboard is not the only option. Please Apple, let us use our wireless keyboards. I BOUGHT IT TO BE ABLE TO DO THINGS LIKE THIS!!!
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    People can buy this already today with the Kodak Theatre HD Player. It has a pointer remote that does just about everything in the article. The remote is way more precise and easy to use than the Wiimote so the on-screen keyboards are a breeze to use. They did it partly to make it simple to browse 100s or 1,000s of photos (it is Kodak, eh?), and the net result is that everything is better. Not surprising for Mac users since adding a mouse to computers did the same thing once upon a time. This is the same for TVs.

    The best example might be YouTube. It's on AppleTV and Kodak Theatre, but the Theatre version is easier to use and search because of the remote. The WIRED review thought it was great.
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    Hey, looks like they're trying to patent Mobile Air Mouse. Nice that Apple has a whole pool of ideas in their app store that they can steal from at any time.
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    Is that Rick Astley in the bottom-left of the TV screen?

    Did...... Did Apple just Rick-Roll us?

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    Just forget all that input controls. Just take your ipod touch or iphone, and pinch it all the way, use keyboard, accelerometer and everything in your hands, and watch it on your TV Screen!!!! Wand is the software for your ipod or iphone.. you dont need another hardware!! Just think out of the box....
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    filburtfilburt Posts: 398member
    With Yahoo! and Intel getting busy with their Internet TV widgets initiative, this Wii-inspired controller is obviously Apple's hint at updating Apple TV with Dashboard-style widgets (or perhaps full blown iPhone-style SDK) of its own.

    I hope Apple would go step further and sell Apple-branded TV of its own.
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    mcdavemcdave Posts: 1,927member
    Originally Posted by techno View Post

    Any improvement over the horrible UI AppleTV uses now would be a blessing. I don't use the AppleTV as much as I would like simply because that interface is so clunky!

    Too right. So is the wand cursor going to jerk & snag unusefully around the screen as well?

    Apple needs to get this right and while they're at it; include a Rental/Purchase/All filter for movies as they do with Audio/Video/All podcasts, boost the iPod Touch/iPhone remote app functions to cover full ATV controls (including all alpha-numeric entry) and recognise iPhoto events as we've moved on from albums!

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    Originally Posted by ckh1272 View Post

    How did you miss the "mention" in the first paragraph??!! And I quote...

    "It would also unlock three-dimensional controls similar to those offered by Nintendo's Wii controller. "

    !!! AI ninja edited the article. No fair.
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    pxtpxt Posts: 683member
    I think a wand combined with gestures and voice commands would be very entertaining.

    Muggles wouldn't like it, but there are customers that Apple choose not to serve.
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