Ocarina available to users of iPod Touch

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
One of the big successes of the App Store has no doubt been Ocarina, developed by Smule, who last week took part in Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 event to demonstrate their latest musical app, "Leaf Trombone". Ocarina transforms any iPhone into a musical instrument that can be controlled using the touchscreen and by blowing into the microphone.

This being the way that Ocarina worked, it was unusable to iPod Touch users until quite recently - as Ocarina has been updated to 1.3, bringing a new Touch mode that allows iPod Touch users to play Ocarina by using the touch screen and nothing else. Though arguably not as fun as exhaling madly into a telephone, it means Touch users aren't left out at the inevitable Ocarina parties that are popping up across the world (though using an external microphone isn't out of the question).
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