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I'm using 10.2.2. I was d/l a file in Explorer when my machine crashed. and now when i try to delete the file I was downloading it says that the file "is being used by another task right now." and to "try again when the other task is complete".

I have since d/l a bunch of other files using Explorer and therefore the problem file is not showing up in the download manager list any more or I would just delete it from there. that may have fixed the problem but I cannot do that now.

can anyone help me with this? how can i delete that file?

thanks in advance!


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    Hey andrew j, and welcome! Take a look at <a href=""; target="_blank">this thread</a>, which should help.
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    If this file is on the desktop type into the terminal:

    cd desktop [hit enter]

    sudo rm theFileName [hit enter]

    There ya go.

    Now if it's not on the desktop:

    open a terminal window, and type: sudo rm (with a space after rm), and drag the file onto the terminal window. Then hit enter.
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    I have a similar, though not the same problem.

    When I try to empty the trash, I get the message:

    The operation cannot be completed because the item

    " HFS+ Private Data" is locked.

    All that is in trash, when viewed thru the Finder is an empty folder called "Applications and Data"

    However, when in Terminal, "Applications and Data" has a single file within it, namely "????????????HFS+ Private Data".

    Now my question is, before I go nuts: How do I empty my Trash from the Terminal window? Can anyone help?
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    [quote]Originally posted by Mark- Card Carrying FanaticRealist:


    Now my question is, before I go nuts: How do I empty my Trash from the Terminal window? Can anyone help?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    cd ~/.Trash

    sudo rm [i]thefilename[/]

    That should do it.
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    Be aware that if you use sudo to force a file to be rm'ed that is in use, you may cause a Kernel failure ( as has been reported by others here already ).
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    True, Mr. BillData, but andrew j said it was a download that was going on when IE crashed. Thus its not in use anymore, and no harm to the system.
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