Amplitude turns up the volume

in iPhone edited January 2014
A while ago developers Gripwire released iHearClear ($0.99, App Store), an application which gives an iPhone or iPod Touch (with external microphone) the ability to function as a hearing aid. Though the target audience was the hard of hearing, the developers found that many of their customers were picking up iHearClear for entertainment. With this in mind, the developers set out to make an app with similar functionality, but with an enhanced and retooled UI, resulting in Amplitude ($0.99, App Store).

Very simply put, Amplitude increases the sensitivity of any microphone in use and boosts the volume to whatever level is set by the user. Obviously this world of enhanced hearing immediately conjures up some exciting prospects, like being able to listen in on people's conversations, but Gripwire suggests other ideas such as listening to your own heartbeat, finding the source of annoying sounds, listening to golf pros discussing their next shot, or listening to a hummingbird's wings.

A video from the developer's website:

Impressively, Amplitude's oscilloscope is just what it looks like - a real, functioning oscilloscope, rather than some faux eye candy. Extra features come in the form of an auto mute when starting up the application, to prevent being scarred by surprisingly powerful noises on start up, as well as microphone volume control.
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