Earth Secrets reveals the dark side of iPhone users

in iPhone edited January 2014
Secrets aren't much good once you've told your friends about them, so when PostSecret - a blog which invited readers to anonymously send in their own secrets - was opened, it was like the secret was reinvented. Secrets take on a whole new form when received from a completely different quarter of the world from complete strangers, so Visuamobile has decided to use the sharing power of the iPhone to dispatch secrets with their new app Earth Secrets (Free, App Store), demonstrated in this jaunty video:

The idea is very simple: users post secrets from their iPhones, which use GPS to mark those secrets on a 3D spinning globe which can be dragged and zoomed around to view as many secrets as one can possible stomach.

There is something a little odd in signing up to post secrets with a birthdate, username, email, then to be marked on a map using GPS - but it doesn't detract from the experience too much - users can either explore the Earth themselves, or simply hit the 'next' button in the corner of the screen to move from secret to secret.

On the secrets themselves: they span from the banal, to the mad, to the morbidly depressing and sometimes touching. Some are so terrible you can only laugh unnervingly. Highly rated secrets are the secrets that have been given the most "Hugs", which can be awarded by users using a button underneath each secret. Secrets are easily posted and marked down on the map with an attractive glowing beam.

The interface is quirky but good looking, with a kind of cutout collage feel. The graphics are good and the interface is responsive. If you like sharing and reading your secrets, this is the one you want.
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