Apple working on adding multi-touch to iPod click-wheels



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    brucepbrucep Posts: 2,823member

    thats what this is for..

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    ulfoafulfoaf Posts: 175member
    Originally Posted by phelix_da_kat View Post

    Personally, I would not mind seeing a simple remote on the headphone cord. Or at least an extension cord with a remote so you dont have to buy special headphones with builtin remotes.

    Simple controls like play and pause/stop would be enough. As an avid audible book listener, sometime I just want to pause the naration without havingto remove, unlck and stop my ipod (I know on the iPhone I can just unplug and it will stop wheer it is, but I still need to unlock and find the right item before I can restart)

    I'd love to see BT streaming built in. You can control music decently enough (skip, pause, play) with any BT headphone. The voice technology on the shuffle would work well with that ...not that I've used one. I really don't like wires. Of course, video is a different story.
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    javacowboyjavacowboy Posts: 864member
    Originally Posted by malax View Post

    Not the only reason. Touch screens will always have the smudgy fingerprint problem that is not present with traditional laptops with touch pads or iPods with scroll wheels. The iPod touch and iPhone are great devices, but they are less than ideal as pure-play video players because the screen is always smudged. So there is still a role for the more traditional ipod form factor.

    Well, I image than any portable device will not have a picture-perfect screen, since it'll either be smudged, in a pocket, or with some kind of plastic protection. Either way, it'll never be crystal-clear. To me, the point of watching video on the iTouch or the iPhone isn't to get a perfect cinematic experience, it's to pass idle time.

    Apple's direction seems to be to make all of their music players touch-screen. Due to the expense involved, this will take a while.
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    dhkostadhkosta Posts: 150member
    Originally Posted by mcmlxix View Post

    ...toward the inevitable...macBook Wheel

    I remember that! I thought it was awesome.
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    ivladivlad Posts: 742member
    Originally Posted by fabsgwu View Post

    Like a Zune pad with multi-touch, no?

    Zune trackpad is a failed copy of Apple Click wheel. The shape and curve just doesn't make sense. Other MP3 players did a better job than Micro$oft...But what you know, its Micro$oft.
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    docno42docno42 Posts: 3,755member
    Originally Posted by malax View Post

    they are less than ideal as pure-play video players because the screen is always smudged

    Why would you leave it smuged? I just rub mine on my shirt a few times and it's good as new.

    And that's not unique to my iPhone - heck, I was doing it in the 80's with my walkman...
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    docno42docno42 Posts: 3,755member
    Originally Posted by malax View Post

    Touch screens will always have the smudgy fingerprint problem that is not present with traditional laptops with touch pads or iPods with scroll wheels.

    I dunno, I touch my laptop screen all the time and it's harder for me to clean my laptop screen since I have to get a special cleaner to not mess up the covering. One thing I like about my new MacBook Pro with the glass screen, no special cleaner any more.

    For the iPhone or iPod, a quick swipe on my shirt and they are good to go.

    My main problem with the touch screens is your hand and finger tends to block what you are trying to touch. Once programmers start taking that into account (by, for example, offsetting the controls to the side or below whatever it is you are trying to control) this will be less of an issue.
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    cmf2cmf2 Posts: 1,427member
    Originally Posted by teckstud View Post

    Controlling anything via a flailing cord is a pain versus the device itself w clickwheel attached securely to your hip while running. What were they thinking? i Love my 2 gen. The 3 gen is just a gimmick- imHo.

    I think they were trying to get more headphone manufacturers to make more headphones with built in remotes, and a whole bunch have come out. Now if you have any ipod other than the shuffle you can buy third party headphones and have controls on the device AND a remote on the headphones. Also the remotes location close to the earpiece means it wouldn't swing around much. I don't think it would be a problem for most people buying a shuffle.

    As for multitouch on the clickwheel. I like the idea as I've been resistant to touch screens due to the lack of haptic feedback. I like the ability to change songs and adjust the volume without while running without looking at the device. A multitouch clickwheel would increase functionality while still allowing me to perform basic tasks without looking at the device.
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    Why is everyone assuming this patent is only for the click wheel of an iPod? The little "scroll ball" on the top of my Apple Mighty Mouse works well for awhile, then sucks big time when it stops working. What if Apple planned on redesigning the Mighty Mouse and instead of the scroll ball, used a round touch pad that can be clicked? This patent description would fit the bill just right. I think that would be awesome!!
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    cnocbuicnocbui Posts: 3,613member
    Originally Posted by ulfoaf View Post

    Exactly! No resting on their laurels. They want to continue to make sure the next portable music player you buy is an iPod. Adding technoloy and features generates a lot of interest.

    I would like to see iPods shipped with bluetooth streaming capabilities, though. I had to buy an adapter. Once you've done without, you definitely don't want wires!

    Originally Posted by nite41 View Post

    This is what I love about Apple. Their constant desire to improvise, to do something new.

    You guys crack me up, check this out:
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    paradymparadym Posts: 13member
    If, according to recent rumors, there's a major upgrade to the iPod line, especially the Nano, here's what I'd like to see (including the rumored upgrades):

    - the larger, greater aspect ratio screen (16:9), as rumored by AI

    - I think the camera would be very cool and useful

    - fully functional headphone remote like the new Shuffle

    - upgraded OS to be able to use some of the Apps (or similar) that don't need text input

    - WiFi, for updating Apps (think weather apps, news, etc.) and downloading music/podcasts

    - this multi-touch click wheel

    - the click wheel more monochromatic than white on _______

    - 32GB version

    - improved sound

    I think the form factor is great, but something along the line of mock-ups I saw recently (sorry, do not remember where) of the iPhone resembling the aluminum MacBooks would be really cool: more squared edges from the side, rounded corners from the front. I've heard some complaints of the sharp corners on the curved body, but not a big deal.

    My 2nd gen Shuffle is dying, so I'm thinking of upgrading to a Nano, as my iPhone is too big to carry while exercising. These changes would be a sure sell to me.
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    cubefancubefan Posts: 53member
    Can see this is all leading somewhere, providing zoom through pinch and spread is one big step towards being able to size and crop photos taken with the camera on a nano.

    But I'm still wanting a wireless keyboard that INCLUDES a mouse / trackpad capability thats big enough to use on your lap. The wireless keyboards are just great, as keyboards, the mighty mouse clogs, so now there's an OS coming that understands finger movements on a touch screen, how about something for the desktop / mac mini under the TV users?

    With a bit of coding could even have an on-screen keyboard driven from a trackpad, just like an iPod touch.

    I keep asking for a combo wireless keyboard / trackpad, nicer than the DiNovo please....
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,665member
    It's interesting that Apple seems to be taking a very different tack from MS and their Zune HD.

    As best as I can make out, the Zune HD is kind of a big Nano, rather than a direct competitor to the touch. I get the impression that Apple will continue to add bells and whistles to the Nano line that will crowed the HD from below, while continuing to evolve the Touch in a way that makes the HD sort of pointless.

    Apple seems to feel that the market segmentation works like this: big touch screen equals pocket computer and all the functionality therein. Small form factor equals super portable media player with ever more sophisticated UI and added functionality.

    MS seems to be going with big touch screen equals big media player with added functionality. I suspect that's because the "small computer" chops are being reserved for WinMo 7 devices, which would be a more direct competitor to the iPhone/Touch. Perhaps at that point the Zune HD will be revised to do more, but it seems a bit muddled.

    I think Apple's in the better position by keeping the iPod OS for the fun 'n cheap neck of the woods, while evolving the iPhone OS/OS X for everything else, as opposed to Microsoft's endless Windows CE permutations, which still will remain forever and always distinct from Windows per se.
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