Apple releases iLife, Camera RAW updates

in Mac Software edited January 2014
On Thursday evening, Apple released multiple updates to address issues in iLife, its individual apps, and RAW photography.

iLife Support 9.0.3 (55.1MB closes up memory leaks in the Media Browser that should improve performance. It also fixes problems displaying custom folders in the Browser and preserves time data when bringing images into Aperture from iPhoto. Compatibility and other minor issues have also been addressed.

Among individual apps, iDVD 7.0.4 (27.5MB) resolves a problem with adding titles or commentary to an image in the image details list. iMovie 8.0.3 (35.6MB) adds support for 720p video from cameras that encode in AVCHD Lite, such as newer Panasonic Lumix models, and also ameliorates behavior when deleting beat markers or showing thumbnails in the Video Effects palette for still photos. Lastly, iPhoto 8.0.3 (96MB) improves stability in uploads to Facebook, Flickr and MobileMe as well as geotagged photos and slideshow playback.

Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.6 (3.9MB) adds support for a raft of new entry-level digital SLRs in software like Aperture and iPhoto, including the Canon Rebel T1i (also known as the EOS 500D and EOS Kiss Digital X3), the Nikon D5000, and the Olympus E-30.
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