(Rumor) G4 speedbump on Monday



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    As I already pointed out about 2 weeks ago after the keynote, I expect Apple to ship speed-bumped QuickSilvers soon (ie the rumored 733.933.1GHz machines), then will take some time watching the stock dwindle towards Yahoo levels, will eventually wake up at MWNY and release G5s with new mobo and speeds up to, say 1.6GHz, which will of course be totally outdated by then, but as Cringely pointed out, Apple (steve)doesn't give a shit about the competitors, as long as he is successful according to his own definition of success.

    To bad there are really no usable OSes for PCs, I'm ready to buy one otherwise.

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    [quote]Originally posted by Fran441:

    <strong>Having two 1 GHz G4s doesn't break it? :confused:


    Nope. I'm just being anal but, it's still not over 1 GHz, even if there are two of them.

    While I'd like to have 1.2's and 1.4 and 1.6's or G5's, I'm not sure I'm not sure they'd be priced that competively if they were that fast.

    A modest bump to dual 1.0's would probably increase costs marginally and most of all help may make the choice between the towers and an iMac easier for many.
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    [quote]Originally posted by satchmo:


    Nope. I'm just being anal but, it's still not over 1 GHz, even if there are two of them.


    Fair enough. If you contend that, we'll contend that "breaking the GHz barrier" is not really a barrier and a silly goal to strive for.
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    Ouch. As a leading proponent of the 'Apollo is now' theory, I gotta say that this would be dissappointing.

    Let's see the prices before any jumping to conclusions are made. I'll still get a PM sooner rather than later if the low end is significantly better than the iMac. If not, its iMac for me, with an upgrade to the Apollo later, whenever it debuts.


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    Calm down people. The G5, if released at MWNY at 1.6 Ghz, will not be outdated.

    If what people have been saying about its performance is true, at that time it'll be much much faster than anything AMD or Intel can offer.

    It will also be the first 64 bit workstation that can run both Photoshop 7 and Maya and all the other good stuff.
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    I'm confused - surely a speed bump is a *good* thing, right? 1GHz duals sound quite nice from where I'm standing.

    If the G5 specs are accurate, then people will be happy - but it's always been a mistake to think Apples use the same upgrade paths as other manufacturers - in this case, it's buy one, use it for a couple of years, buy another. Give the old one to a relative

    Anyone have any rumours about the next TiBook upgrade?
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    I'm just concerned that the PowerMacs value isn't worth its price tag compared to the iMac. Unless of course they add/change something to make it worth it...like a price drop (yeah right), or possibly GeForce 3 standard.

    So I guess:

    larger harddrives then the iMac

    better video card

    gigabit ethernet

    and of course the expandability

    is going to have to do. Unless of course they add DDR, GigaWire and HyperTransport (yeah right).
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    I guess they're not going to introduce a faster bus or DDR RAM unless they figure that's where the slow-downs are happening

    I agree, the powermac doesn't look like much next to the iMac - until you take GF3s, HD space, expandability etc. into account.
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    hmmm... i would think, having watched apple over the years, that any massive change to the powermac line would have to be a major trade show event, a la seybold, wwdc, or mwny. IF this is actually going to occur "quietly" on the 22nd (i.e. without press invitation special event), then i am betting this prediction of 867, 933 and dual 1 ghz will probably happen (plus, since apple is now shipping os x standard, they can make the "two brains are better than one" argument with a much straighter face).

    anyway, to "sweeten" the deal, i would expect superdrive in everything except the low-end, and geforce3/radeon8500 (BTO) on the two high ends, and gefore2mx with twinview on the low-end. plus a general bump of hard drives to keep them higher than the imacs.

    i can't imagine ddr, gigawire or hypertransport (yeah, right) making it by tuesday.

    that's my story and i'm sticking to it... well, until nest week, anyway.
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    [quote]Originally posted by G-News:

    <strong>To bad there are really no usable OSes for PCs, I'm ready to buy one otherwise.


    XP is actually quite nice, if you don't mind the constant harassment from pop-ups
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    [quote] XP is actually quite nice, if you don't mind the constant harassment from pop-ups


    Well, it may be for someone who doesn´t need to install bunch of thirdparty expansions (soundcards etc.). Driver support sucks, I`ve been battling with a new AMD workstation for a week now unable to get it work. Sure internet and basic stuff work nicely, but when I install new devices the machine usually refuses to boot.

    Even most of the PC guys says XPs driver support sucks, and I have to agree. On the bright side, it reminded me why I use mac at home .
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    Apple needs to stay with technology, and not only stay with it but be a leader. How about putting HyperTransport into the mobo, or be the first with serial ATA. Or something else that noone else has done.

    BeOS, OS/2, Win2k(last resort) are some choices for an OS on a PC, and there is BeWine and Odin32 for BeOS and OS/2 respectively that will let you run windows applications.
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    I'm sticking to "Superdrive on all models"

    a 1699 tower should have the same drive as a 1799 iMac, IMHO.
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    I hope BTO dualies across the board (I thought I read that somewhere).....that's not bad. Well, my decision day is 1/28, so we'll see.....


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    For those people that worry about Apple stock - you people need to go back to school. If Apple sells as many iMacs as it looks like (600K+ a quarter) than it's stock will be a-OK. Yes, margins are low but more people will buy iMacs than powermacs. Period.
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    Well, the iMac alone won't get the analysts happy enough to keep Apple stock high, at least not as high as it is now, in the after announcement euphoria. remember, it's the analysts to a BIG degree that decide and influence the stock value of a company, apart from the companies financial performance.

    If analysts over the world would agree that Apple is going to die soon, the stock would make a dive like never before, good thing they never agreed so far.

    If you want to get the money you have in stock form now, sell them now, because they are NOT going to rise any further with the PowerMac release next week, definitely not.

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    [quote]Originally posted by dartblazer:

    <strong>Apple needs to stay with technology, and not only stay with it but be a leader. How about putting HyperTransport into the mobo, or be the first with serial ATA. Or something else that noone else has done.


    Apple will put hypertransport into the mobo. A couple of months ago The Inquirer quoted an AMD executive as saying : "Apple is using hypertransport in their upcoming products too", when he was talking about the adoption of hypertransport. I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't in part responsible for the rumored unbelieavable performance of the G5 machines.
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    [quote] Although, at this point, I'd believe that Cyrix is the next chip in the Powermac.<hr></blockquote>

    Hehe. "Why have Intel Inside when you can have Cyrix Instead?"
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    My biggest concern (as an Apple stock holder, and user, and in the market for a new Mac) is that they are missing out on sales becouse they dont have the products to fill the gaps in their pro/consumer model. The Cube may have done it, it they got the cost/performance issues in line with what people were asking for (lower cost w/G3's).

    If these chip specs are correct then they are still missing out with the bottom line, non all-in-one sitting at $1699. They may not sell a bunch of these lower cost computer, but then they dont have to make a lot of them up front. Car makers have a base price for cars for adds, but have you ever tried to find one at a dealer? And it might help to win some converts from the Wintel side who want a bigger monitor than the iMac, but dont want to spend $1700 for a computer. It might also boost Apples monitor sales.

    I would like to see a large boost, but dont expect it. But what I would really like to see is a bit more agressive pricing on the towers if Apple does NOT deliver the performance boost that it SHOULD be delivering to offer the same price/performance ratio as their competators.
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    It's seems strange that Apple did not announce the speed bump at MWSF. After all they show the new i mac, that is not avalaible now ( late january in France (the 800 mhz model only , the other february and march))

    Or is it a new strategy (in this case just a minor speed bump whitout new features) of marketing to focus the new entirely on the new i mac ?

    As i have said on a other topic , the new G4 will have a new mobo with 66 mhz PCI (512 MB data transfer) and AGP pro bus with appolo G4 ranking between 1 ghz and 1,4 ghz.

    <a href="http://www.lcg-info.fr"; target="_blank">www.lcg-info.fr</a>

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