Bogged down AT&T 3G to clear in months; Buffett criticizes Jobs



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    I've been in LA county for the past month and have had no widespread issues. I am currently getting 1449Kbps down and 212Kbps up with a 128ms latency. I did notice a slow down Thursday evening but I read yesterday that AT&T was funneling 65K SMS messages a second and I was on Hollywood Blvd. getting annoyed at all the people who ame out just to see Michael Jackson's star. Which they couldn't do since it's in front of Mann's theater where the Brüno premiere wad going on so people were crowded around the other star titled Michael Jackson knowing full well that it wasn't the King of Pop's star.

    While your anecdote may (hopefully) be encouraging for some, the 3G issues in LA (especially coastal LA) are well-known and longstanding (since launch; more than a year now). According to engineers I've spoken with, they are still running it on old Cingular architecture and (based on their upgrade schedule) those of us in this part of town can count on 2 more years of sub-par, faux 3G service.
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    Why not?

    ...To be fair, SJ has also given almost nothing to charity over the years.

    How would you know? I mean, do you think he would reveal that private knowledge?
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    Buffett: Jobs' surgery should have been reported...

    "I think if I have any serious illness, or something coming up of an important nature, an operation or anything like that, I think the thing to do is just tell the American, [or in my case] the Berkshire shareholders

    Obviously it's a private matter as Apple has said but that ducks the issue. The issue is whether private matters that affect your ability to do what you're paid for, or that affect the stock price, or profits, should be revealed to the media, which is what revealing to the company or its shareholders amounts to.

    And that's a personal choice. Whether it's breaking the law is another issue.

    Me? -- any time we get to puncture our obsession with stock price is a good time.
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    Buffet is right though, you have a duty to your stock holders. I know it's personal, but a lot of people will agree you give up that part of your personal life when you head a publicly traded company.
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    How would you know? I mean, do you think he would reveal that private knowledge?

    Oh please!
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