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I was wondering if there was some 'automated' way of modifying PDF metadata tags (such as Author, Creator, etc.) in Mac OS X when I print to PDF. Is there anyway of modifying it permanetly so everytime I print to PDF, these are set to values that I have chosen. If not, is there a way to automate the task of modifying specific tags on a whole bunch of files/folders at once?



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    Well, I don't see any way to edit PDF-specific info such as that in Preview, which means you're probably out of luck.


    In general, if you want to have an action occur when working with a PDF from the Print Preview window, you can create an Automator Workflow file and put it in either /Library/PDF Services or ~/Library/PDF Services. The PDF button bottom left in the print dialog then becomes a pop up button, and you can select from the actions listed. Make one that adds the proper metadata, and use that service.

    Or, you can create Folder Actions in the Finder that will watch a folder, and when files are added, if they are PDFs, it could add the correct metadata.

    Of course, this all assumes you *can* add the metadata the way you want. There may be PDF manipulation tools out there that I don't know about (ghostscript? Anyone confirm that capability in there?) that you can add and then trigger, but it's not going to be straightforward, it seems.

    OTOH, unless you need the data to be in the PDF specific fields, you could add the metadata using Spotlight commands in Automator...
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