17" to scrap or not to scrap?

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Hi I have an aluminium powerbook a 17" model my pride and joy, but last week i stupidly spilt some red wine over it! the screen just went blank/dead almost immediatly.

Quickly i turned it over, then i took out the power supply and the battery and left it for a week to dry out. I extracted the hard drive and found all my data still intact phew!, i gave it a clean with a toothbrush, the board inside didnt look tainted at all really, the plastic under the keys seemed quite stained though, but with it all assuminglky dry i replaced everything ready to test it out. feeling fairly hopeful i powered up the battery and then pressed the power button, a whirr for like 4/5 seconds and then nothing. I tried it again and the same happened. i presume the fans kicking into action?

Has anyone any suggestions? i can take it to my apple service broker but i dont know even if they could fix it. I suppose it is still worth around £700 / £800, it was a great machine and i dont mind paying upto £300/ £400 to get it fixed, if the fans still work is that a hopeful sign or not?

and if it is a scrapper what parts are worth salvaging?




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    What is it with people spilling stuff on their macbooks today?

    Unfortunately, you're probably screwed now. By leaving your MBP "a week to dry", you gave all of that wine (a very nasty substance as far as circuitry & computer components goes on account of organic acids) a chance to corrode the internals of your laptop.

    Assuming that something wasn't damaged in the initial spill, the damage done by corrosion (whether visible or not) can't be undone. The fans kicking on is a pretty low-level operation as far as hardware functionality, so there isn't much hope. Somebody feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this...

    Still, you have good news in all of this. Your data is still safe, and based upon what I've heard on eBay, you can get more for MBP parts than a whole MBP. Screens especially.
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    I think your best off taking it in getting a repair quote and deciding from there what you want to do with it.
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