What Email service do you use?



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    Gmail is the best for me.

    The few things i don't like about it are that if you use Safari some features are limited. No IM useing Google Talk and the new mail features won't work.

    Personally I use Camino so there is no problem for me. I love being able to IM in the same window, rather then sending Emails back and forth.
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    If anyone has any gmail invites left I would really like one. PM me for email address. Thanks.
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    I use Gmail... I love it. Wouldn't use anything else at this point. First, it's free. Second, I like all the features, plus it's really easy to use.
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    shetlineshetline Posts: 4,695member
    I use a web hosting company's e-mail (aplus.net), because my primary e-mail is on my own domain which is hosted there.
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    I'm on the Gmail bandwagon as well. I love it.
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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    Originally Posted by gregmightdothat

    Are you serious? Of course I checked. For both incoming messages that didn't get through, and messages that I sent.

    Wait, so you're talking about mail that was lost in transit? Man, every email system does that. Email is not a reliable means of delivery, even in this day and age. I've had messages disappear into the void for over a decade now, on various services. It's hardly a Gmail issue.
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    midwintermidwinter Posts: 10,060member
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    mrsinmrsin Posts: 163member
    Originally Posted by mowenbrown

    So, I have had the same MSN.com email address for almost 10 years, but they make it really difficult (Read: impossible) to use it with Mail. ...

    Gmail, and you'll like the fact it works wonderfully with Mail .
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    slewisslewis Posts: 2,080member
    Gmail is the best but only if you use it exclusively online. You can have everything nice and organized in an Email client and it will still be a mess on the server side unless you organize it there as well. It needs IMAP.

    .Mac has been faithful to me and the only problem I had with it (SMTP from Mail.app) turned out to be an ISP problem and I Just changed the port. Plus when I had my HDD replaced it was easy enough to get everything EXACTLY as it was on my old HDD. Just a hop, skip, and a .Mac Sync actually. Downside is the price itself, but I can live with that, though maybe everyone else can't.

    AIM Mail works but I use it for almost nothing so I can't really say.

    After ABSOLUTELY Hating Yahoo, I signed up for a new Yahoo ID to test the new Yahoo Mail Beta and I rather like it, but it needs a bit more polish.

    I hate the current Hotmail interface but I've been using Live.com since, well, almost the day I signed up for Hotmail just for Messenger.

    Out of all of these, Gmail would be the best if it had IMAP and Tags were more common place in Desktop Email Clients. So I have to say .Mac for now.

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    I like Gmail a lot, and I don't even use it with the Mail app. I don't see a point. Gmail's whole "conversation" based interface is so creative and I have gotten so used to it that I could never go back to the old-fashioned way.

    But even if you must use Mail, Gmail is still the best. Tons of storage for free!
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