Intel just entered the MHz Myth war....

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<a href=""; target="_blank">Intel announces slower chips</a>

Couple fun quotes:

[quote]Instead of simply running more rapidly, says Intel, its new laptop chip will result in better overall performance in real-world applications. <hr></blockquote>

[quote]This last piece is critical, considering the explosion of interest in Wi-Fi high-speed wireless Net access. Today, most users who want to connect to, say, a Wi-Fi network at the local Starbucks have to buy special wireless cards to put into their computers. But a wireless chip like one that's part of Centrino functions as an embedded wireless card -- essentially making any notebook wireless-ready.<hr></blockquote>

Wow...ground breaking!

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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    Heh... Intel is gonna confuse consumers like crazy between the distinction of a "Centrino" notebook and a notebook that uses just a Pentium-M processor without Intel's wireless module.
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    Somehow I think that regardless of how retarded Intel and their marketing of Mhz = performance, they won't have such a hard time conning consumers. Consumers of the Wintel world are stupid and will probably believe whatever Intel tries to tell them. Unfortunately they won't come out and admit, "We're full of shit! And you all fell for it! Now buy our slower chips and get better performance!". As if the PowerPC 970 chips running at a slower clock won't kick its ass completely out the door (not in portables until later, but still). My hope is that Intel will lie in the bed they've made but who's to say.
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    except in this case it's the truth, it's not a lie. if anything the P4 line is deceptive as hell.

    i think it's great that intel is coming out with slower chips. it justifies what AMD and Apple have been saying for years. i have a feeling that it will create a fundimental shift in the way consumers look at machine speed.

    if nothing else, you'll have a pile of sales folks and Best Buy and the like working to convince consumers that Mhz isn't the end all of speed. a force like that is actually strong enough to change perception, especially when it's the truth.

    it will give Apple a big boost in speed perception among the masses, which is where they need to start selling computers anyway.

    i see this as ALL good news for Apple.
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    So basically Intel is saying that their Mhz is faster per mhz than.....who?
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    costiquecostique Posts: 1,084member
    [quote]Originally said by Intel:

    <strong>Instead of simply running more rapidly, says Intel, </strong><hr></blockquote>

    its new laptop chip is running more slowly.
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