Quirky Problems...Cause for Concern?

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So I bought my first mac a week ago. It's a brand new 2.0 Ghz, 17 inch iMac. So far I am really liking it. However, I think I kind of had this over-the-top, always-works-perfectly view of macs before I got this one. So I wanted to describe a few of the issues I've had, and see whether they are normal, or something I should be concerned about (i.e. should I call Apple?)

Problems I've experienced:

1. It has lost my (built-in) iSight camera on 2 separate occasions. Both times, I was able to fix it by turning the computer off, unplugging everything, waiting 15 sec and then hooking it all back up. On one of those occasions, I had to do this twice to get it to find the camera again.

2. On 2 occasions, it has lost my bluetooth keyboard upon starting up. I leave the keyboard and mouse on all the time (is this the best thing to do?) so I'm not sure why it didn't pick it up.

3. Today, I was running a few iWeb, Mail, and iMovie. I tried to close iMovie, and it looked like a shadowy curtain came down across the whole desktop. A message popped up saying I had to turn the computer off. After I turned it off and restarted it, I opened iMovie and tried to close it again (to see if the problem would repeat itself). It did it again. So then I turned off the computer, turned it back on, and then did a proper restart. That seemed to fix that problem.

There are a few other, smaller issues but nothing like the ones above. I'm hoping you guys will understand where I'm coming from. You know, you look forward to getting something for a while, and as you wait to get it you imagine all the wonderful things it can do and how perfectly it will work. Then when you get it and things go wrong, it's just kind of upsetting. Don't get me wrong, I am loving the Mac. It starts up in 20 secs, and the more I use the OS, the more I appreciate it.

Do you guys thing the problems I described are normal (within a week of purchase) or should I call Apple or something?

Thanks in advance.


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    1. How do you mean "lost"?

    2. I sometimes have a similar problem when I bring my macbook back in range of the keyboard.

    3. Unusual but not unheard of. Could suggest an underlying problem with memeory or someother hardware failure. If it keeps happening then you should open a case with Apple who will help you diagnose it further. If it doesn't happpen again, then don't worry abbout it.

    Overall, if you are in the least bit concerned then call Apple who have aqlways been very good to me when I have had issues.
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