www.apple.com Refurbished Products Page = Hints?

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Both the MacBook and MacBook Pro look rather empty

Here is what I think....

MacBook and MacBook Pros on Tuesday

MacPro at NAB

other products anyones guess

edit: rater = ratHer :-)


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    We aren't in the days of motorola and the incessant guessing of when new products may come to fruition. The intel roadmap is public knowledge far in advance so we can extrapolate when new products may come out. The new MB and MBP will come out after intels Santa Rosa platform is shipping. At this point there's nothing to update them with. I agree with your assessment on the Mac Pro at NAB.

    As an aside the refurb section usually gets updated around 4:00 AM eastern time, so it's not unusual for it to be somewhat sparse this time of the day. I should know because I was contemplating a refurb MB all last week before pulling the trigger, so I became intimately familiar with their update cycle.
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    slewisslewis Posts: 2,081member
    If you want hints, the only one I have is a Leopard hint. According to a Note on the Leopard Mail page, they were/will test(ing) a new icon for iCal.

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    xflarexflare Posts: 199member
    Apple's UK refurbished store is full of MacBooks and MacBook Pros.... more than i've ever seen. No Mac Mini's and I think I saw only one iMac.
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