To everyone complaining about iPhoto's featureset

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I don't see a thread about iPhoto without people complaining about lack of iPhoto features they were looking forward to, mostly people acting like they are TOTALLY disappointed and spiralling into a manic-depressive state about iPhoto because can't do one silly thing or another, including slice/dice/julienne fries, get that nasty stain out of the couch, and wax the car.

For all of these people, I have three things to say:

1. This is a FREE application. Apple is giving it away. If you want every feature imaginable, right now, go purchase some good shareware like GraphicConverter, QuickTime Pro, iView (something like that), or some commercial software like Adobe Photoshop/Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Macromedia Fireworks, anything from Corel, Paint Shop Pro, Kai's Photo SOAP, etcetera. Or if you want it free, just go ahead and steal it, hope you feel good afterwards.

2. This is the FIRST version of iPhoto. We've been spoiled by iTunes 2, iMovie 3, iDVD 2, QuickTime 5, even Sherlock 2. It's only going to get better. I'm not being an Apple apologist here, I'm just telling you that it isn't the end of the world because it doesn't have x feature you want.

3. It's all about the impact of iPhoto on other developers. It's not that Apple is trying to "spread out" the features among updates, but as I see it it's more about timing: if Apple came out with an application to do ALL of the stuff you guys are suggesting, made it really cool looking, easy to use, and all integrated, before Photoshop 7 has been released, that would be pretty stupid, wouldn't it? Apple doesn't want to **** things up with Adobe before it has to. For all we know, all that stuff we were hoping for was slated to come out for the last 6 months, but Adobe has been dicking around so long that it had to get saved for iPhoto 2 so that it doesn't threaten the Apple/Adobe relationship... You noticed how disgruntled Steve was with those 2 comments about no Photoshop during the keynote, right? And as we all know, Photoshop isn't the only creative app for OS X (shareware and commercial) that iPhoto stands to take away customers from.

Thus, in conclusion, this is not the big deal y'all are making it out to be. Hoping for features iPhoto could have to make it even cooler is one thing, but lamenting the Cupertino mothership for ruining your life by not implementing the world's richest featureset in a free photo editing/organization/sharing app by the first version is just not cool.


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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    As you have most likely noticed, those of us that have listed shortcomings of iPhoto are not needlessly nitpicking at it. While I think most of us have recognized that it has some really cool features, we have also listed some very obvious shortcomings.

    The items that have been listed (repetitively) all become quickly apparent after less than an hour of use!

    It is my opinion that iPhoto should not have been released yet. I just hope that a revision will be released soon. iPhoto is so close to being a killer app that it is painful to having used it knowing that I really can't dedicate to it yet. And I really, really, really want fact, maybe I'll give it another try....aaahhhh....the pain......
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    bill mbill m Posts: 324member
    iPhoto is the perfect replacement for most of the bundled apps. on current digicams. It blows away the software that came with my Canon Powershot, in both features, ease of use and overall performance.

    Ok, so now that you have it you want more features? That's expected. We will always be wanting more. And if we all canalize construtctive criticism through the proper channels to its developer (Apple), it can only get better. But, to dismiss it as a crippled or poor application, that is just ludicrous and naive (the act, not the users).

    It performs some basic and even advanced operations beyond some of the more polished and mature applications on the market already. Its tight integration with MacOS X and the hardware, makes it a solid foundation from where Apple can build and enhance for years to come.
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