Games i plan on getting for my new iMac....

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let me preface by saying we are not a big gaming family, but the girls have become addicted to The Sims as of late and we are getting a new iMac and was thinking of getting a few games to play on it...

games for the whole family:

Airburst--looks great and addictive

Cro-Mag Rally--we like a fun go-kart game

comes with Otto-Matic--looks alot like Bugdom...but we loved that game, so cool..

thinking of getting Centipede...any thoughts?

games for the kids:

All The Sims extension packs including Hot Date when it comes out

thinking of getting Black and girls like roll playing games....would B&W be good (ages 12 and 14)...g

games for me: thinking of gettting Giants and Escape Velocity: Nova

that should be more than enough games for the whole a must game missing?? are any of these titles something i shouldn't get (poor game play, horrible music, etc)...thanks g


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    Hmmm... Black & White is more of a God game. City building and advancement, not really RPG.

    if you're looking for RPG, get Baldur's Gate 2. Or if you want a more action oriented RPG, try Diablo II.
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