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    Originally Posted by trailmaster308 View Post

    This thread makes me chuckle.

    People saying that M$ is dead, and their reasoning is bringing up a gaming console; than either they are

    1) very young

    2) don't understand the depths of M$ in corporate IT.

    If you are going to argue #2. Do not bring up Office or desktop OS. That game is over.

    Lets talk about the real cash cow because at the end of the day Office and the OS are just a gimmee. No CIO gives three poops about that baby stuff. That's stuff for mommy and daddy to worry about when they buy a lappy from Best Buy.

    Well said T-Master.

    Office 2007 is going to break all sorts of $$$ records for MS. IMO, it's one of the best software programs ever written. The Ribbon paradigm is truly magnificent. Kudos to the Redmond folks who developed it.
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    Originally Posted by magicceilingfan View Post

    1) It doesn't matter if you think that Wii, Xbox 360 and the PS3 are theoretically competing in the same market or not due to technological limitations. The fact is, they're in the same aisle at Wal-Mart, and the more successful console will get more shelf space.

    The point I'm making is that in 2008-2009 the Wii wont be competitive vs the other two consoles because its a hardware generation behind. Yes, Wii is winning the competition in 2006-2007 and probably 2008. That's great. But Xbox and PS3 will IMHO do better in 2008-2009.


    2) I don't think you realize just how much Nintendo has been dominating in hardware and software sales over the last few months. Like, there is a significant chance of complete market domination this generation by Nintendo, which I actually think is a bad thing for the market as a whole, but there is a chance of it happening none the less.

    While Nintendo has the top two games in the top 20 for April they only have 5 of the games in the top 20. This means the 15 remaining games are for the 360, PS2 and PS3. The 360 has 6, Sony has 9 between the PS2 and PS3.

    I can see MS, Sony and Nintendo splitting it more or less three ways but not market dominance for Nintendo given they will never have titles like GoW, Halo 3, R:FoM, etc.

    While the hardcore audience is vastly smaller than the general public they will still purchase these harder core titles.


    Even during the the N64 days, Nintendo was obliterating the competition in terms of how much actual money they were raking in, can you imagine what their profits are like now?

    No need to imagine: $498M for Q2. They expect 270B yen for 2007. Sony expects 440B yen for 2007 but of course Sony is a much larger company and the games division will post large losses.

    If Sony had simply revamped the PS2 a little as Nintendo did with the gamecube they wouldn't be looking at horrific losses either.


    5) You have to ask youself, when the PS3 and Xbox 360 hit their stride in terms of graphic capability, are most people going to give a rat's ass? Once the initial "wow" factor dies off, people are going to realize that a lot of games for PS3 and 360 are too bloated to be any fun. This is the reason the market was in danger of crashing again. The market can't expand if games are too complicated for people to get into. This is how Nintendo is going about cornering the video game market, simple games that anyone can get in to. It's essentially like hitting a great big reset button in terms of market demographics.

    Folks said this for Sims too. Nintendo has the casual market down pat and it is a huge market. However the hardcore demographic drives acceptance of consoles in general. The lead in to the huge Sims success was the gamer core buying Sims for their girlfriends to play. Likewise the Wii has huge success because gamers bought it and it's fun for everyone.

    However, that said, the gamer crowd will still want its hardcore fix and the demographic is still significant. Without being able to meet this need the Wii will have to coexist with either the XBox or PS3 in the gamer household. This limits its ability to dominate as the PS2 did. Part of the equation is eyecandy. Wii simply can't deliver that. Both MS and Sony can improve gameplay and add casual games to their lineup.

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    Oh crap guys, Microsoft is doomed for sure now. Jack Tompson is going to sue them! [/sarcasem]
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